Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The twinkle, twinkle
The twinkle, twinkle

[*] sumgyodo twinkle ojjana
(Even if I hide it, I twinkle – what to do?)
nune hwak ttwijanha
(It catches the eyes instantly)
beire ssayo issodo
(Even if I’m covered with a veil)
nanun twinkle tiga na
(I obviously twinkle)

ttan saramduldo da bitnanun narul johahe
(Other people like the twinkling me too)
kkut kkaji gyonggye haeya hae
(You need to take caution till the end)
bosogul humchin nojanha
(You’re the one who stole this gem)
nul naye gyotul jikyojwo
(Always protect my side)
nae jiwiman maemdora
(Only linger around me)
nunul tteji marajwo
(Don’t take your eyes off me)
nae maeryoge ppajyo
(Fall into my charm)
repeat [*]

nan mijiye segye shiganul ijo boril gol
(I forget the times of the unknown world)
achime nunul ttobwado
(Even when you open your eyes in the morning)
kkumun gyesok dwel goya
(Your dream will continue)
nan norul wihae kkumigo
(I want to look good for you)
do yeppuge nal banjja gillae
(I want to be prettier and twinkle)
wae noman honja molla naye jingarul
(Why are you the only one who doesn’t know my true value?)
repeat [*]

nomu taeyonhae nomu ppon pponhae
(You’re so calm, you’re so arrogant)
bakkenun nal sowon hanun juri kkuchi an boyo
(I can’t see the end of the line of those who want me)
maldo andwege non nomu dam damhae
(Unbelievably, you’re so indifferent)
nan hanul arae ttorojin byol
(I’m a fallen star from the sky)
repeat [*]

gudaeye twinkle narul bwa
(You’re twinkle, look at me)
odil bwa narul bwa
(Where are you looking? Look at me)
chik chikhan ot sogesodo
(Even with dull clothing on)
nanun twinkle taega na
(I still twinkle)
repeat [*]

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