Sunday, July 2, 2017

My experience in IPG and How to enroll in IPG

Hi... today i want to share my first day as a trainee teacher in IPG. Yaaa you're right. i'm a future teacher. Some people says that being a teacher is easy. I cant deny the fact that, me too, thought the same thing. But, i view things differently then when i get the chance to study here. 

It's seriously not easy to be a teacher. The interview process itself was not that easy man. They're looking for a trainee who are good in academic, physically and mentally. One who can handle things well and able to stay calm. At least that's what i thought huhu :)

Firstly, we need to fill in the form to enroll in ipg. HOWEVER, that wont guarantee your position in ipg. They will tapis2 la dulu which one yang ok and sebaliknya. (they do tengok academic result and our achievement either in sports or any koko la). So if you really2 want to be in IPG. You should start plan on how to collect more sijil ok :), but jangan la sampai korang abaikan pelajaran ya. 3-4 sijil pun dah ok.

Btw, IPG stands for Institut Pendidikan Guru 

Lot of Love, H